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We enable brands to find their own voice and identity. Establishing a foothold on the online medium through SEO and Social Media such as instagram and linkedin enables not only brand recall and engagement but genuine increase in customer acquisition and sales.

- Srishti, Chief Creative Officer

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an all-encompassing term which refers to every action that a company can take through the online medium to connect and engage with customers and to drive sales. We help you to cut through the jargon of SEO, SMM, SEM to employ legitimate effective and proven strategies such as Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and Mobile Marketing to drive customer acquisition and retention along with brand connection and loyalty. No bakwas, just skyrocket your revenue.

Social Media

We help to create the identity of the brand on social media by creating a mood board, then by visualising the posts and videos and ultimately creating viral content for your followers. We believe in T.I.E. which is to Teach Inform and Entertain through your social media to create more targeted and engaged social media users.


Your presence is now online and where you rank on google determines your visibility to customers. We generate a proper SEO audit and do a competitor analysis and target high value keywords which have a lower difficulty through link building in our confidential tiered method to enable you to rank on the first page of google in a few months. Our team of content writers can create both off page content and on page articles to ensure that your website ranks above all your competitors.

" We now get direct sales on our website through our instagram page and we don’t have to rely only on Zomato and Swiggy for customer acquisition."

- Rohit Naidu, Head Chef, Better Burger

"GoKadabra Digital helped to increase our revenue to over 20 lakh rupees per month from 3 lakh rupees in just 3 months. I would personally recommend their services to every small and medium business. "

- Avinash Tyagii, CTO, Hub and Oak.

"GoKadabra Digital helped us to create a brand identity online. We have genuine engagement with followers and our brand awareness has increased even in the south."

- Sonia Rawat, Book Office Now